Inca Bella


* Please Note: when ordering this variety it is very likely the potatoes will arrive cut. Inca Bella isn’t keeping very well in our cold stores so to ensure you receive the full weight ordered of usable potatoes we remove the ends which have started to go soft. The rest of the potato that makes it’s way into your bag is perfectly firm and good for eating – by doing this we can minimise food waste on our farm and extend the season of this delicious variety *

Inca Bella is a relatively young variety of Mayan Gold parentage. With a white skin speckled with red eyes and a vibrant golden flesh these are particularly floury potatoes with a slightly nutty taste. Suitable for wedging and baking this variety performs especially well when roasted – with no need to parboil and a cooking time of approximately half an hour they bring convenience and taste to your Sunday roast.

* Please note: these are not certified seed potatoes. They’re not sprayed with chemicals so will grow if given the chance but we’ve grown them for eating. We recommend planting them in your oven, not in the garden! *

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