Mayan Roasting Trio


A mixed bag of three of our favourite Mayan roasting varieties! Including 1kg each of Mayan Gold, Mayan Rose and Mayan Twilight as well as a sample bottle of our very own cold pressed rapeseed oil.

These varieties all have unique skin patterning but very similar cooking properties. With a very dry, floury flesh they make deliciously crispy roasties which are smooth and fluffy when cut into.

A note about cooking: because these are very floury potatoes you need to be careful if you intend on parboiling as they will lose their integrity if boiled for too long. There are two methods to get the best results with these varieties.

  • One way is to peel them and place in a saucepan of already boiling water for no longer than 4 minutes before draining. You will notice that they will already have started to soften. Leave to steam dry for as long as possible (the drier they are, the crispier they will be when roasted – you can always prepare these the day before) before returning the lid to the pan and shaking to scuff the edges of the potatoes (this will give you a cripsy finish). Transfer to a pre-heated roasting tray of hot oil or fat and cook at 200°C (180° fan/Gas Mark 6) for up to an hour, turning the potatoes part way through cooking (the longer they are left in the oven, the cripsier they will be!).
  • Another method involves cooking these potatoes whole with their skins left on (you may want to leave them cooking for a minute or so more than previously recommended, just keep an eye on them to check they don’t overcook). Once the outside has softened drain the boiling water and leave to sit and steam dry as above before peeling the skins and transferring to a pre-heated tray of hot oil or fat and cooking.

Please note: these are not certified seed potatoes. They’re not sprayed with chemicals so will grow if given the chance but we’ve grown them for eating. We recommend planting them in your oven, not in the garden!