Pheasant 2020 Morghew Park Estate

Morghew Shoot Update 20.01.21

In COVID-19 Updates by Sam

Dear Game Shooter,

Another day, another change to the restrictions on shooting. BASC is now reporting that following further ‘clarification’ from Government, shoots are again able to offer socially-distanced two-gun accompanied rough shoots to local people – this because Government now accepts that rough shooting is a permissible form of exercise.

So, having recently deleted all our remaining availability for January, we have now relisted it all again.

Accompanied Walked-Up Shooting

So, for the remainder of the season, we are able to offer socially-distanced accompanied walked-up shooting for teams of two guns (or more if members of the same household or support bubble) who’d like to spend an informal and relatively inexpensive day on this unspoilt Estate.

Accompanied by one of our gamekeeping staff, guns enjoy a day’s walked-up and rough shooting on what is a fully stocked, fed and keepered Estate. Quarry includes unlimited pigeons, crows, squirrels and four pheasants or ducks if shot on one of the upland ponds, per gun.

Days end with a duck flight on the Estate’s marshland reservoir, for which we make no promises but where there is also no bag limit. £200 plus VAT per gun, with a 10% surcharge for Saturdays in January.

Given the need for social distancing, guns need to drive around the Estate in their own cars and maintain a safe distance from other guns. Given the fine condition of Estate roads, there is no need for guns to bring a 4×4. We don’t recommend it, but a bicycle will get you around quite comfortably.

Looking further ahead, perhaps the most surprising success of the last season has been our pigeon and vermin season tickets, which have allowed competent guns to perform crop protection shooting over the course of the spring and summer. As a result, we have started a mailing list of guns who may wish to purchase a main Estate (1500 acres) pigeon and vermin season ticket covering the period February – September 2021 inclusive. If this could be of interest to you, please make contact.

With best wishes,