The Morghew Shoot

Morghew Park is an all-year-round shooting Estate. Subject to the seasons and availability, we can offer either formal driven, rough or pigeon shooting on most days of the year.

Background and history

Morghew Park is one of the Kent’s ancient estates and can trace many of its boundaries back to 968 AD, a century before the Norman Conquest, when its sale for 1450 pence was witnessed by Edgar, arguably the first King of all England. It is located near Tenterden and covers 2000 acres of arable and woodland, with a pleasing mixture of wealden upland (small fields, hawthorn hedges and oak standards) descending steeply onto traditional marshland. The land is in a ring-fence, meaning that the Estate is not bisected by any public roads, and several of the drives are up to a mile from the nearest road. Morghew Park is renowned for the warmth and friendliness of its hospitality, its tidy agricultural operation and the beauty of the unspoilt views available from many of its drives.

Driven shooting

Obviously, this is our flagship offering. On Saturdays from 7th October until the end of the season, we offer formal driven 80-bird days for up to 10 Guns, shooting mainly pheasant and a few duck, but also partridge and woodcock. The Estate lays on a full team of beaters and pickers-up. The price includes transport in the Estate’s 1968 Mercedes Unimog gun bus, sloe gin and canapes at 11.00am, and claret and coffee at lunchtime. Days begin and end in the ‘Guns Mess’ which is heated with a woodburning stove, with tea and coffee served in the morning, and cake in the evening. Guns bring their own packed lunch. Cost is £345 plus VAT per Gun. Some days are designated for whole teams only, while others are described as ‘Strangers’ Days’ on which pegs are sold individually, thus offering solo guns and small groups an opportunity to shoot on Morghew Park.

DIY Rough shooting

For the 2017 / 18 season, we are also providing two formats for Guns who’d like to spend an informal and relatively inexpensive day on this beautiful Estate.

The first proposition can be summed up as follows. A day’s DIY rough shooting on Morghew Park, a fully stocked, fed and keepered Estate, shooting pigeons, corvids, rabbits, squirrels and not more than four pheasants, partridges or woodcock per gun. Days end with a duck flight on the Estate’s reservoirs. Maximum of six Guns and two dogs per team. All teams accompanied by one of the Estate’s game keeping staff. No bag limit for ducks and geese on the reservoirs. £175 plus VAT per Gun. Maximum team of six with not more than two dogs.

The second proposition is a day’s DIY wild-bird rough shooting on Lower Woolwich, an outlying 330 acres on the western flank of the Estate. Quarry list includes wild pheasant, teal, mallard and snipe, as well as pigeons, corvids and so on. No limit on bag size. £135 plus VAT per Gun. Maximum team of six with not more than two dogs. All Guns fully briefed and shown around, but not accompanied full time.

Pigeon Shooting

On every day from February until October this year, the Estate offers DIY pigeon shooting, decoying and roost shooting, over 1500 acres of arable and woodland.  The Estate’s crop rotation includes rape, beans and wheat, so pigeons are a problem throughout the year.

Pigeon days start at 9.00am in the Guns’ mess with a cup of tea or coffee.  Guns receive a map of the Estate highlighting features such as boundaries, public footpaths and residential properties.  Guns are ‘talked’ around the map before being driven around the Estate for half an hour or more by the shoot owner, Tom Lewis.  After that, the DIY kicks in and Guns are left to their own devices.  They can choose where to set up (which is very unusual), and can stay on the Estate until dusk, which allows plenty of time for roost shooting after several hours on the decoys.

The daily cost is £60 plus VAT per Gun.


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