Safety warning

Customers must appreciate and understand that any and all firewood logs, irrespective of the variety of wood and its moisture level, can and do spit when they are burnt. It is therefore vital that firewood logs are burnt in an enclosed woodburner or behind a well-fitting fireguard.

Firewood 8ft lengths

1 trailer load (3.6 cubic meters+ = £125 + delivery

£1/mile for the first 8 miles
£2/mile or 8-16 miles
£4/mile 16 miles and above

Delivery is charged for the one-way trip only.

Once you have placed your order, we will contact you to arrange a convenient delivery day and time.

Delivery charges are for the cost of delivery to the customer address and tipping only.

A log stacking service is not provided at the destination.

The customer needs to provide a clear area for trailer reversing and tipping of the load. (2 car lengths)



Additional information

Weight 500 kg


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