Vitelotte Super Salad

Blue Potatoes to cure the January Blues!

In Potato Recipes, Recipes by Nicki Crawley

Did you make a New Year resolution to eat healthy but have found yourself checking out our winter warming potato recipes? We don’t blame you it’s chilly out there and potatoes are the best winter warming food there is.
Don’t feel guilty, potatoes are actually good for you. Sometimes the way we choose to cook them isn’t so, but everything in moderation is what we say!
If you would like to banish the January Blues, eat healthy and still indulge in our amazing range of exotic or heritage potatoes, try the Vitelotte or Salad Blue varieties.
Both Vitelotte and Salad Blue are full of the anti-oxidants we’ve been told to eat more of this year – have you heard, purple foods are the latest super food (we knew this already of course)!
For the rest of January our Vitelotte will be discounted, so you have no excuse not to try them, they really are delicious. For the super healthy option add them to a salad, make them in to Gnocchi or have them roasted. They are good for you however you choose to cook them!