Charlotte – NEW SEASON


A lovely waxy variety, Charlotte is delicious boiled or steamed and tossed in melted butter with fresh herbs. Perfect to accompany your main meal (or a tasty treat on their own!). You can also roast this variety if you would like to try something different. The waxy texture makes an interesting alternative to fluffy roasties and the sweet flavour brings a lightness to your meal.

See our recipe blog for some inspiration: Roasted New Potatoes.


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Storage and Other Tips

When you receive your potatoes we advise you keep them in cool, dark, dry, frost-free conditions during the winter months. They should keep well for up to a month if stored correctly.

In spring and summer you may prefer to refrigerate them. They will try to grow once the warmer weather starts to arrive as we do not spray our potatoes with any sprout inhibiting chemicals. Kept in stable conditions they will keep well for a week, we advise that you only order as many as you need during these periods.

Our potatoes are not certified seed potatoes (unless explicitly stated). They’re not sprayed with chemicals so will grow if given the chance but we’ve grown them for eating. We recommend planting them in your oven, not in the garden!

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