Honesty Stall

Our Potato Shop out-door honesty stall features three large boxes of different grades of firewood logs – chestnut and pine logs, general purpose logs and small logs for smaller woodburners and coal grates.

Sat next to these are a couple of sets of scales to weigh out approx. 25kg of logs.  All customers need to do is reverse their cars up to the appropriate box, weigh out any multiple of 25kgs of logs, and load them into the back of their cars.

Each 25kg load of chestnut and pine logs costs £8, while general logs cost £9 and smaller logs £10. Customers pay for these in exactly the same way they pay for potatoes – by placing the correct sum in one of the transparent envelopes supplied, and posting it through the Estate Office letterbox.

The beauty of this arrangement is that it’s great for household cash flow.  Customers only buy the quantity of logs they need – and only when they need them.  It takes away the risk of spending a couple of hundred pounds on a large delivery of logs – many of which may not be needed for a year if a winter turns out to be gentler than expected.


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Safety warning

Customers must appreciate and understand that any and all firewood logs, irrespective of the variety of wood and its moisture level, can and do spit when they are burnt. It is therefore vital that firewood logs are burnt in an enclosed woodburner or behind a well-fitting fireguard.