Wild Garlic Leaf


Wild Garlic season is now over, come back next spring for more…

We can offer Wild Garlic by mail order delivered direct to your door in a choice of weights to suit your recipe.
Postage is included in the price and we try to use first class post so they reach you as quickly and freshly as possible. Only available for a short time in spring our wild garlic grows naturally in our woods without any sprays or fertilisers. Picked to order they will arrive as fresh as possible for you to add to soups, risottos, quiches or for you to make your very own fresh wild garlic pesto.

The leaves keep well in the fridge, you can also make a delicious pesto or soup and freeze some for later in the year when the Wild Garlic season has finished.

See our blog for some recipe inspiration!

(The price includes postage within mainland UK).

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