Honesty Stall

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If you live local to Tenterden or are visiting the town itself, please come and visit our honesty stall on Morghew Park Estate.

We always have a great range of different potatoes for you to buy and often have surprisingly good offers on as well. You can also pick up your logs and kindling at the same time.

From the stall you can purchase 7.5kg sacks which are a handy carry size pack, enough to last a family of four about a week. The next week try a different variety, work your way through all twenty throughout the course of a few months if you like!

Because of the wide range of varieties we grow you will find a potato that will suit any dish you choose to make, most of the varieties will be available all year but some of the more unusual ones will sell out quickly, please ask for advice if you are unsure.

Varieties currently on our honesty stall in 7.5kg sacks are Wilja, Nicola, Maris Peer and Yukon Gold, Estima, King Edward, Desiree, Marfona and Picasso. We have also introduced 1kg bags of Pink Fir, La Ratte, Nicola, Vitelotte,Maris Peer and Mini Yukon Gold, because we know you would like to have a smaller amount sometimes. Currently we also have 3kg bags of our Heritage varieties available too. This week it is either Arran Victory or White Duke of York, please ask us if there is something you would like to try and it’s not on the stall – there’s not enough room for every potato!

This time of year people like to stock up on the 25kg sacks, so these are out on the stall too. Again there’s not enough room for everything so please ask. Currently you will find King Edward, Estima, Wilja, Maris Peer, Robinta and of course our highly popular recession busters (a different variety every couple of weeks).

Our 2016 crop is growing in our fields about two miles from the stall towards Rolvenden, then packed in the shed next to the stall, that is seriously low food mileage.

Being an honesty stall we are not always around but will help you if we are. We leave out plastic envelopes for you to place your payment in to put through our letterbox. There are different envelopes depending on which items you are buying, choose between, potatoes, logs, wheat, hay or straw.

We also have some bee hives on the estate and are now selling both the clear and set honey made from them, this can be found inside the farm office, not outside on the stall.

We look forward to welcoming you to our farm.

You can find us here.

(Photo courtesy of Tony Baldwin @TonyBaldwin5 Frame me please)