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The Potato Shop Update 18.03.20

In COVID-19 Updates by Sam

Due to the current situation we are experiencing an increase in demand for our potatoes. We are a very small team and are endeavouring to pack them for you, our customers, as quickly as possible to ensure a stable supply. We are aiming to have at least one variety in 25kg sacks on our stall during office hours with some 7.5kg bags also available, but cannout guarantee this when we are not here.

We need to limit all sales to no more than 2 bags per person to ensure there are enough potatoes to go round.

We would like to point out that we have plenty of potatoes in our stores, we just need a bit of time to bag them for you. Please bear with us, there is no need to panic buy! We are here to keep you going with our favourite staple vegetable through these uncertain times.

We need to remind you that we do not spray our potatoes with growth-inhibiting chemicals in store so they will want to grow as the weather is now getting warmer. They will keep well in a cool, dark and dry place for a few weeks – please don’t buy more than you can eat in this time.

We are now offering home deliveries of our 7.5kg and 25kg sacks to elderly or vulnerable people self-isolating in the Tenterden area.

Please contact us for more details: 01580 766 866.