Stoneground Wholemeal Rye Flour


We would like to introduce you to our very own Wholemeal Rye Flour! Practically milled to order we offer fresh wholemeal flour that brings an earthy, nutty (and slightly malty) tone to your bakes. For wholemeal rye breads, sourdough, cakes, scones, cookies and more, this flour adds a depth of flavour and extra texture not possible with plain white flour alone. Because our flour is traditionally stoneground and the whole rye grain is included, this is a natural wholefood with all the goodness left in. Some bakers mix our flour with a little white bread flour to achieve a perfect rise.

Available in 500g or 1.5kg bags. We also offer a sample pack of all of our flours for you to try at home!

Please see our Flour Recipe page for some inspiration.

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