Vitelotte Super Salad

Vitelotte Super Salad

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With their blue skins and blue flesh, which is retained once cooked, Vitelotte make a colourful and healthy addition to any meal.

Full of anti-oxidants, low in sugar, salt and fat free they help to make a tasty salad a super salad.

For this recipe I gathered together lots of super foods and made this fresh, colourful, and wholesome salad.

Boil the Vitelotte until tender (it’s up to you whether you peel them first or not. The skins peel of relatively easily once cooled. Peel them before cooking for purple hands! Of course skins can be left on and eaten, life is too short to peel Vitelotte after all!)

You can then add any salad ingredients that you like to eat.

I used Vitelotte, avocado, watercress, beetroot, pea shoots, tomato (heritage varieties also add more colour), cucumber, carrot, crushed cashew nuts and a olive oil based dressing. Of course this can be added to or items missed off if you don’t like them. The idea is to eat healthily, there’s no point in adding ingredients you don’t like, you won’t want to carry on with your new healthy eating regime!