Estima Bakers 7.5kg sack


For jacket potato fans. A 7.5kg sack of large baking potatoes, just scrub, prick and bake!

Nutritious and healthy, jacket potatoes are naturally low in sugar and salt and they are fat free too. Just add a healthy topping and you have a good for you, simple, tasty meal.

There are approximately 15 to 20 large potatoes in each bag, enough to keep you and you family warm and well fed during the winter months! Estima are a versatile all round potato. When baked they have a lovely delicate flavour and a beautifully fluffy texture, the skin will crisp up nicely too when baked in the oven. As well as being good for baking, you will find that you can boil, mash and roast Estima too.

These really are big potatoes, a much better size and taste than the tiny potatoes the supermarkets try to pass off as bakers!

All you need to do is choose your favourite topping…