Pink Fir Apple


New season, fresh from our 2019 harvest!

Pink Fir Apple potatoes are an old French heritage fingerling variety dating back to the mid-19th century. With a light pink skin and firm creamy flesh they can have quite a knobbly appearance. Their waxy texture makes them a delicious salad potato with a nutty, earthy flavour. Try them boiled or steamed, hot or cold. You can also roast or wedge this variety or, if you have the patience to peel them, they make a lovely mash.

Chef/Patron of Michelin starred The West House, Graham Garrett says ‘For flavour I think it’s hard to beat the Pink fir apple. It looks a bit weird, more like a Jerusalem artichoke. Served warm, tossed in the best olive oil you can afford with a bit of crunchy sea salt and a scattering of fresh herbs is a meal in its own right.’

This variety can be found in our 5kg Mixed Exotic Potato Selection Box as well as a part of our Fingerling Trio.

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