Nicola was the first salad potato we produced and has remained a firm favourite with customers and staff alike. With a thin, very light brown skin and cream coloured flesh they have a lovely waxy texture making them perfect for boiling as they hold their shape well. With a sweet flavour they are delicious with or without butter and can be enjoyed hot and cold. They also make a delicious mash, perfect to top off your favourite fish pie.

This is what Graham Garrett Chef/Patron of Michelin starred The West House has to say about our Nicola; ‘Nicola are the best waxy potato when you want that amazing texture and flavour and something that won’t fall to pieces when you cook it’.

See our blog for some recipe inspiration: Jubilee Potato Salad, Simple Nicola Potato Salad.

Nicola comes in different sizes, from smaller salad potatoes to larger mashing spuds. If you have a preference please make a note at the checkout and we’ll send you your preferred size.

* Please note: these are not certified seed potatoes. They’re not sprayed with chemicals so will grow if given the chance but we’ve grown them for eating. We recommend planting them in your oven, not in the garden! *

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