Estima Bakers


This variety has a smooth, white skin and a light yellow flesh which holds its shape well when cooked. With a slightly earthy taste this is a great variety for boiling, mashing, wedging and most importantly baking.

A 10kg box of our Estima Bakers holds approximately 20 large baking potatoes, packed by hand to ensure premium sizing. When baked the skin will crisp up and the flesh becomes light and fluffy, ready to soak in your favourite topping. Being naturally low in sugar and salt as well as fat- and gluten-free these baking potatoes make a simple, healthy dinner that tastes good at any time of the year.

* Please note: these are not certified seed potatoes. They’re not sprayed with chemicals so will grow if given the chance but we’ve grown them for eating. We recommend planting them in your oven, not in the garden! *

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